Seth and Hannah’s story is a very sweet and unconventional one. Seth had been praying for 20 years for a wife, but being in ministry, he had to be very careful about his choice of a wife, and kept praying for God to make it clear who was to be that one. But year, after year he waited….and waited. And then, without having even thought of the possibility himself, God brought Hannah to him, and told her she was going to marry him…and told him the same. Neither of them had any idea what her parents would say, as she was an integral part of their family’s ministry of adopting medically desperate children.
So, when finally God made a way for them to approach her parents about what they felt God was directing them to do, they were, understandably, a bit nervous. But after hearing what was on their hearts, Hannah’s parents gave their FULL blessing on the relationship, and marriage! Which is exactly what both of them had prayed for.

So, that’s what found them in North Attleboro, Massachusetts on May 19th after much planning and prayer. It was a gorgeous, intimate venue on a small lake — the home of a long-time family friend, who herself, had gotten married there. Hannah had worked long and hard on every little detail, to make them a blessing to Seth. And she was the ultimate DIY budget bride, as she put together many of the details herself — from her bouquet to the centerpieces. Then…..the clouds began rolling in, as had been forecasted, shortly after preparations had begun. Hearts began to sink, as the entire wedding, ceremony to reception had been planned for outdoors, with no alternatives. I assured Hannah that, no matter what, the photos would be beautiful, and not dark and gloomy — as this was a big fear. Those setting up outside while the bride was getting ready inside gathered to pray for God’s hand upon the weather and day.

And, you know what? The rain fell all day long…but it was the sweetest of ceremonies. And the rain didn’t change that in the least. In fact, we found out later that there was a party with super loud metal music playing that was scheduled for that day, but was changed to the next day because of the rain. So…perhaps the rain saved the gentle sweetness of the day.

Instead of a “first look” for the groom, Hannah decided to give her daddy the first peek. It was so special to get to be there as he got to see her for the first time.

Spending a few quiet moments together in prayer before the ceremony begins.

Each of Hannah’s bridesmaids were her sisters, and it was just so sweet seeing their joy for their younger sister’s marriage! (PLUS, one of her sisters is married to one of her husband’s brothers! Gotta keep all those good looks in the family. *wink*)

I have to say, we had a remarkably fun time with the portraits in spite of the rain. Seth and Hannah were just so relaxed, and totally didn’t mind going along with some of my crazy ideas. (I mean…at least it was ME and not THEM who had to scale the slippery 8-foot boulder………) It was my favorite part of the day — so fun, and memorable!

The dancing was moved into the pavilion, instead of under the tent, as tables had been set up over the dance floor to shield them from the rain, and it ended up being a good move; with the chandelier above, and candles lit all around, it was just about as romantic and sweet as you could hope for. It was a beautiful, special way to end the day.

And, after their fun sparkler exit, the couple left for their honeymoon in Florida, happily Mr. and Mrs.