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Laura and Robert’s springtime New Hampshire wedding took place at Harris’ Pelham Inn. It was a mild day, with still a touch of chill in the air and a soft covering of clouds in the sky, but as the day progressed, not only did it warm up remarkably, but the sun even graced us with a magical display of golden light just before it set. The colors chosen for this wedding were blush and burgundy, which perfectly complimented each-other! Every detail had been carefully prepared, and there was a bustle of excitement as I walked into the inn, where the ladies were getting ready in the window-filled loft. Mother, sister, and dear friends surrounded the bride…and several of the cutest little girls you ever saw waited patiently for their turn to become princesses for the day.

new hampshire wedding

The groom and his close friends also were preparing for the day at a hotel in the neighboring town…in a much more manly way, of course…but with the same eager anticipation for all the day would hold.

new hampshire spring wedding harris pelham inn

So many beautiful details…and so much love. Now…you might be wondering…

new hampshire wedding

How did Laura and Robert meet? Well, in a sort-of unexpected turn of events (for both of them), they met on eHarmony, after both being burnt out on trying to find an authentic relationship. “We had both tried online dating in the past and hadn’t had any long term success. I had never met a match I even wanted to carry on a long conversation with, and he had just broken up with his girlfriend of 2 years in March.”

Laura says, “For me, it was the 4th of July holiday that made me look at dating again. I went to the local fireworks with some friends – and their little girls were really the reason I went. They told me they wanted me to go. I loved sitting with them and experiencing fireworks with them…but realized that I really desired my own family. I wanted my own people to come home to and to make holiday traditions with. Praying about it, I felt like God told me that He wanted to bless that desire – and that I needed to take steps towards it. So….I tried eHarmony again.”

new hampshire spring wedding harris pelham inn photographer

For Robert, after the heartache from his last relationship, he had come to a place of contentment where he had decided that he wasn’t even going to try anymore, despite the desire he’d had since he was a kid to have a wife and his own family. In a moment of stillness he heard God tell him, “Why not give it a chance? What’s the worst that can happen?” Money was a bit of a deterrent…but suddenly, the exact amount of money needed to sign up again showed up in his truck! His dad had heard the Lord tell him to leave that money there for his son.

3 days later, Laura and Robert connected through eHarmony, and they both felt that there was something different about each other than those they had met before. Laura sums it up well: “We were not playing games. We had the same goals, and we were so open and honest with each other. The rest is history.”

new hampshire wedding harris pelham inn blush burgundy photographer

Not only was their meeting a sweet God-send for both of them…but there’s another very special part of their story. Laura got to become a mom right away, because several years ago, Robert actually adopted a young boy. He had gotten to know this boy after his parents had been a foster home for him. A little while later, a terrifying fire happened, which this little boy had been caught in, and suffered severe burns from it. He was in the hospital for weeks, and Robert was at his side through it, day after day, praying and believing for the boy’s total healing. Not only was he healed, but God also saw fit to honor Robert’s desire to be a father to this child, knowing it could potentially cost him the future he dreamed of – as I’m sure the question was there, as to whether a woman would want to marry a man who already had a child in his care.

new hampshire spring wedding harris pelham inn

I can’t wait to see where the Lord takes these two, as they walk together as husband and wife, desiring to honor the Lord in all they do.

God bless you both, in your new life together!! And thank you for letting me be a part of your beautiful New Hampshire Wedding!

new hampshire spring wedding harris pelham inn blush burgundy wedding photographer

(Also, as a side note, those beautiful bouquets were done by Exquisite Flowers, and I was incredibly impressed with the arrangements, and the beauty — plus the roses actually smelled like roses!!)