“To my Darling, Words cannot express how much I miss you. But I cannot help but write with the hope that the love and longing of my heart will reach you with the words on this page. The evenings and nights have been long ones. I come home from work and enter into a cold, empty apartment. Cold, for it is entered without the loving embrace of my beloved. And it has not these sweet elements of life in it that are uniquely my beloved’s. Many nights I sleep fitfully…not because of disruptive noises in the night, but because of the sounds that are keenly absent. I will have been restless for hours and realize it is because, even all these months later, that I don’t hear the sweet assuring sound of your peaceful breathing and the warmth of your heart beating next to mine…..”

She looked up from the letter, letting out a deep sigh. A tear trickled down her cheek, and she quickly brushed it away, though there was no one to see.

It had been six months. Six months apart from her beloved. It felt like six lifetimes – each one excruciatingly long.

Her beloved had set out to sea, in search of work in another city. She was reassured by his letters, which had reached her on months two, four, and six; he was still alive, at least…and had managed to find a good job. But oh, the ache in her heart!

She stood to pace the sandy beach. This was as close as she could get to him right now. He had set out from this very shore….

She often came here to think….to cry.

She turned her face away from the ocean. Sometimes she could not bear to look at it any longer…it was both a comfort, and a sword in her side. Her mind would begin playing tricks on her, making her think she could just make out his little boat in the distance. Coming home.

She slowly made her way up the beach. Alone. One more day alone.

But, as she closed her eyes, and breathed in deeply of the salt air, a voice rang out above the sound of the waves…a voice that was shouting her name!! She froze. She knew that voice!

Her eyes brightened as she spun around to scan the shoreline! There he was!! Her darling had come back to her! She scarcely noticed the screech of delight she let out, as she raced to meet him, giggling, crying tears of joy, and whispering his name over and over again, as his strong arms wrapped around her waist, and his warm lips pressed against hers again and again – salty from tears.

Together. They were together!

A note from the photographer:

One day, as I was pondering whether or not I wanted to attempt a styled shoot this year (they are a lot of work to put together!), I suddenly had this entire story flood my mind so vividly it was like a movie, playing out scene by scene before me. I could see the tear in her eyes, and feel the emotion of a long separation…the sighing, the longing, the ache…
And then…what if – what if he returned?! Oh, the rapturous joy!! The excitement, and pure delight!

That’s when I knew I had to make it happen. I wanted to capture those emotions, and tell the story of two lovers, reunited again through pictures.

Challenge accepted, self. (Yeah, sometimes I talk to myself….ok?)

The dear couple behind Apples & Oceans vintage furniture rentals was a HUGE part of making this shoot come to life. I don’t know what I would have done if they hadn’t caught onto my vision. And not only did they catch the vision…but they NAILED IT! Everything they contributed was so perfect for setting the scenes I had envisioned.

And then, the couple who volunteered to model for me was not only SO sweet, but every thing I could have ever hoped for.

I literally watched everything my dreams are made of come to life during this photoshoot…and I’m SO EXCITED to FINALLY get to share it with you!!!

~Tai Sophia