Hello there, friends! I’m Tai Sophia.

I’m a bonafide lover of sunshine, flowers, laughter, and footie PJs. I’m also a mommy of 2 little cuties, and wife of a traveling musician. I love capturing special moments, and telling the story behind them with you! 

Want get to know me a little bit more? Keep reading….


There’s so much I LOVE about the art of photography – from finding magical backlighting that makes my clients GLOW, to delivering beautiful portraits that make them look and feel like the AMAZING people they are! Catching the light at just the right moment, as it filters through the trees thrills my heart…and you might just be walking along with me at some point, and hear me suddenly exclaim, “Oooh, Oooh!! Can you guys just stop right there, and look at me! That is just amazing!!” Yep. It’s true. I geek out a lot when there’s an angle or a spot that just shouts “MAGICAL“!

But what I love most about my art, is getting to MEET and interact with new people…and to show you how much I care…and to serve you the BEST I possibly can, so that you walk away not just satisfied, but BLESSED.

Whether it is for a family session, wedding, anniversary – or whatever reason you may have for wanting to capture special memories…I will be there right beside you all the way, with the perfect balance of directing and stepping back to quietly let moments unfold naturally – all to bring out the joy and love in the beautiful moments that unfold. Your personality, that sparkle in your eye, the pride in your family, the love that bubbles over in your relationship – those are all the things I love the most, and what I hope my photos capture for you and for future generations.


I love Tortellini with Alfredo Sauce. In fact…I love pretty much any pasta with any white sauce. But I’m not a huge red sauce fan. And, yes, I know that’s weird.


I love flowers. Any chance I get, I love to capture photos of them. Tulips and Forget-Me-Nots are two of my top favorites.

The latest Starbucks latte — don’t care what it is, if they have a picture of it hanging on the door, I’ll be getting it. I’m a sucker for the pictures.

I love snuggles with my babies. 


I love lenses for my camera that make my photos really “POP”! Good glass goes a long way.