Damion and Victoria’s Charlottetown wedding was so sweet, and beautiful in every way. I was asked rather last-minute (about a week’s notice) to be their photographer, and gladly agreed! Their stories include both deep heartache and betrayal, but also the beauty of forgiveness, restoration, and healing.

They both have such a sweet humility and transparency before the Lord, and everyone who knows them can see the beautiful peace and joy God has given each of them to overflowing.

It was such a joy being able to celebrate with them, their children, and all of their closest friends and family.


Due to the crunch for time in the schedule, and not wanting to be an inconvenience for their guests, Damion and Victoria opted to not head outside for any portraits after the ceremony. However, before the night was over, I made sure to grab them both, and headed out into the darkness to make use of the light from one little window outside of the church to get at least a couple of “newlywed” shots…because this day is only going to happen once, and I believe it is important to capture these moments before they’ve slipped away.