A few weeks ago, my daughter and I got to take a little adventure out to Borden, here on PEI, where there’s a little lavender farm nestled between the fields and trees off the beaten path just a little ways. It was a gloriously warm summer day, and the light scent of lavender hung in the air as we hopped out of our car. We breathed in deeply, and let our eyes feast upon the rows and rows of various kinds of lavender blooming in their neat little rows.

The bees buzzed lazily from flower to flower, as customers came to visit the field, and pick their own lavender bunches to take home with them. My daughter, Hope, was perfectly content just to meander amongst the rows of flowers, singing quietly to herself, and undoubtedly pretending to be a fairytale princess. What a fun excursion on such a fine summer afternoon! I’m SO glad we were able to go, and spend some mommy-daughter time together out there just taking in the gentle beauty of the lavender.